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Today - July 20th - Eris Stations Retrograde

July 20, 2018

Today – Eris, the dwarf planet with “attitude” stations retrograde.  Eris energy is like the weak force in quantum physics – that is both destructive and creative simultaneously.  Use the disruptive energy to shake up things that aren’t working in your life and the creative energy to plan future trends and opportunities.  However, don't implement any of them today.  Today is a day to observe all the incoming data, take note of them and wait for things to settle before choosing which insights to act upon.    


Eris is not a planet to be taken lightly – she brings with her potential for violence, change in routines, disruption and mischievousness.  On her angelic side (yes she does have one!) her energy is to help us get real about things and to manifest change for our evolution.   Her function is to gouge out the illusions and artificiality in our lives and relationships and to say “no” to oppression and inequality in whatever form that takes.  Eris is about “getting real”!  Eris acts to highlight the working and not-working aspects of our lives, and it’s wise to pay attention to her as she ultimately has our best interests at heart.  She is the fierce, feminine warrior who represents disruptive change for the good of everyone (in the very long run!).



Here are some points to further appreciate the energy of Eris:

  • Mischievous energy to stir up trouble

  • Eris is like a patron saint of chaotic creation:

  • In Greek mythology Zeus believes that Eris is a troublemaker, so he does not invite her to Peleus and Thetis's wedding. Having been snubbed, Eris creates a golden apple with the word (Ancient Greek: καλλίστι, ) inscribed in it. This, the golden Apple of Discord.The three goddesses of Aphrodite, Athena and Hera were the contenders of who was to be the fairest in the land.The challenge of who of the three was the most beautiful ultimately led to the Trojan War!So Eris finds the weak link in the armour of a situation that can cause it to break down into chaos completely.

  • Eris represents the energy of Truth – which itself is discordant and chaotic (think Original Chaos that formed the cosmos).

  • Eris was only discovered in 2005.She represents a very challenging energy that demands wakefulness, authenticity and resolute commitment to what is true and in the best interests of everyone.She is also a troublemaker in one sense, since she can find the weak spot in dynamics or situations that can pull them apart.  This is valid of so many situations in the collective community today, where there is so much divisiveness and rampant ego, which is a recipe for discord just like the Greek story of the Apple of Discord.

  •  Eris represents the repressed, abused, snubbed feminine. She is the archetype of the abuse of women by patriarchal power – the sexual exploitation, the lower wages, the focus on body image alone, the condescension of women in academia, the favouring of men over women in positions of political and corporate power, the paradigm that women are less worthy than men etc. etc.

  • Her task is to bring Mother Earth back into the equation of our lives.  For us to remember we are earth-bound whilst ever we breathe life on this planet and therefore rely on Mother Earth for our survival.  She is here to ensure our paradigms and policy making reflect sustainability, economic fairness and justice for all.

So please take it easy from now until August 1st.  There is a lot of strong energy leading up to the partial solar eclipse on 27th July.   In the coming week, choose the middle path.  Try not to get riled up over unimportant issues and practice discrimination in your actions and words.  Remember to drink more water than usual to compensate for the increased fire energy and know that washing your hands and splashing your face with water a few times a day can also help cool and placate the fiery energy that is currently flying around!

Take care,

With my love and best wishes

Christina xx

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