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July 2018 - A month to go within

July 3, 2018

I started writing this blog last Thursday, but with the intensity of the Capricorn full moon & me being Capricorn  - it hasn't happened till now! :)


Here is a photo I took of this beautiful moon on Thursday 28th June.


As you can see it is truly a magnificent sight!


Also on Thursday  I managed to get a special video of the sunrise... see if you can spot what is unusual :)




JULY = a month to go within

With no less than six planets in retrograde during July (Mercury goes retrograde on July 8th in Leo till fully complete in Sept. 2nd). Mars went retrograde last Wed 27th June till August 27th.  This means a time to slow down our activity but definitely not stopping.  It is a time to question our motivations and if an issue is still calling us to act during a Mars retrograde then we must still act.   Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde on July 5th until November.  The six planets in retrograde during July are : Chiron, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.  Pluto, Saturn & Mars are all retrograde together in Capricorn!


With Mercury in Leo we will be confident in our communication.  The lion's assertive voice (occasional roar!) will be heard to sort out communication issues in relationships and situations.


We have two eclipses this month as well.   


Partial solar eclipse on July 13th in 11 or so days at 1.01pm.  This will be a very emotionally charged eclipse, where most of the eclipse energy will be internal.  Emotions, perceptions and close relationships will all bring challenges to us.  Usually solar eclipses are related to our external world, but because this one is occurring in Cancer which rules the family, home and nurturing and our emotions, it's likely to be an eclipse that will involve these in some way.  Expect the unexpected and remember that everything is transient in this temporal life.  Be as flexible as you can without giving up your core values and boundaries, but remember how important and liberating it is to let go of situations that are just not working for you or in your best interests.  Schedule free space time over the days around this eclipse to give yourself the ability to manage whatever surprises come up and also to rest and integrate the perceptual and physical changes.

I sense that the saying "we don't know what we don't know" will be very apt at this time, as it is likely that we will become aware of things within ourselves that were previously hidden, probably relating to our external world in some way.


Total Lunar eclipse on Saturday July 28th 6:21am

This eclipse is known as a "supermoon blood moon" eclipse will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the century, with the total eclipse period lasting a full 1 hour and 43 minutes.  That's a long time for an eclipse!  This eclipse will mostly affect the African continent and the Middle East area but will be visible in parts of Europe too.  More detail here:


ALSO - Between the two eclipses there is a very rare solar system event in which ALL planets in our solar system are going to be on the same side of the sun - refer right hand side of sun in image below.  This is particularly around July 19th but will also occur beforehand.  So we will be able to see many planets in our skies at night!  I am sensing that this period will see an increase in energy on earth as all the planets cluster together in the period between eclipses.



JULY 3RD-12TH = In the Mayan calendar, these ten days are called "GAP" days.  GAP stands for "galactic activation portal".  These are intense days in which we receive increased energy from the cosmos in order to facilitate our evolution.  During these days our Earth-time is intermingled with Galactic time and we have the opportunity to receive universal wisdom from the cosmos.  They are profoundly spiritual days in which it is important to open ourselves to become a conduit of the Divine in order to assist both ourselves and our environment to become in harmony.  We can understand problems and situations from a higher level of awareness during these times to help us keep moving forward.  We can think of them as "cosmic download" days where we can pick up higher dimensional information to help us in our daily lives.



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Note from Christina: 

As we collectively move through the next few months with three eclipses in one lunar month July-Aug, we are being forced to transform at warp speed!  We must continually learn to forgive, accept and let go of the past and live only with love in the present moment, whilst simultaneously scanning the future for the best possible pathways forward.

This year with all the retrograde energies it is very difficult to make much progress in the outer world.  However, it is a time to grow and expand within so that we are able to offer ourselves in service from a higher dimensional state in 2019.


As humanity is receiving more and more light from the central sun of our galaxy and other celestial bodies, this is causing all states that are not in alignment with the cosmic frequencies to be cleared from Planet Earth.  This is the reason why we are seeing such chaos on the world stage as everything is being called to "shape up or ship out" in order to harmonise with the frequency of love.  This love is a strong and powerful force that stops at nothing to ensure that it is heard and accepted.


I have prepared a DVD called "What on Earth is Happening" that explains in detail the changes that are happening and will happen to our planet for those who are ready to meet the challenge that these changes will bring.  Please click here to order a copy.



Wishing you a happy, inspiring and transformational month.

with love and blessings





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