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Is acknowledging the true nature of consciousness the only way to unify all the forces into one theory of everything?

June 5, 2018




I think that acknowledging the true nature of the origin of the cosmos (one aspect of which is Pure Consciousness) is the best starting point from which to understand the true nature of reality and the material cosmos.


We cannot come to correct conclusions about the dynamics and form of the cosmos without commencing from absolute fundamentals. Max Planck understood that Consciousness underpinned the quantum state. It is because I have been researching the physics of Consciousness for fifteen years as taught by the esoteric scholars of ancient India, that I was able to develop Munns Unified Field Theory.


Ultimately, there is only the unified field. Only the cosmic singularity exists, (there are many names for this - including God/Shiva/Brahman/The Self/Nothingness) which has formed the cosmos from its triadic nature. The one has become many. Nothing has become every something, and you are both simultaneously.


The world is suffering from this lack of awareness of this reality. We perceive “the other” and not ourselves in another form. This duality consciousness gives rise to arguments, wars and family breakdown. It also leads to the dynamics of ego such as control for power, greed and secret manipulation. If every person alive could perceive themselves at the core level as the cosmic singularity and other people as that same state, then what a paradise we would live in! Artificial intelligence would be perceived as the concept borne out of ignorance that it is and violence, anger and hate also.

It is one thing for Unified Field Theory to have finally arrived on the planet, but quite another for it to be acknowledged, imbibed and implemented! Not many are ready to give up their dualistic paradigms and way of life, but Munns Unified Field Theory is surely an excellent model on which to base a harmonious civilised society.

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