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Butterflies and transformation

May 27, 2018

No doubt you have been reading about the latest developments in the eruptions of the Hawaii volcano recently.  These eruptions and their associated hundreds of earthquakes are happening for a reason.  This is because our planet is experiencing a lot of turbulence that is being created in our solar system.


On Wednesday May 23rd, in the Mayan calendar, we are moving into a 52 day period called the "Blue Castle" from May 23 - July 13th.  This is a period of deep transformation and shedding of the old and what doesn't work in our lives at every level.    Each castle of 52 days is divided into four sets of thirteen days called "wavespells".  The first set thirteen days of this period is called the Red Serpent wavespell and will be the most intense and transformational.   For more detailed information about this please read here.


I am writing this blog post at the moment to help make people aware of the fact that the Hawaii volcano is likely to become even more active during this period of 52 days and that its activity will possibly trigger other fragile areas on the earth's surface.  So please, make your family and friends aware of this coming time and stay alert to any unusual events.  The website will help you be notified of any events nearby.


During the first 13 days of this 52 day Blue Castle period it is important to really nurture your physical body and surroundings.   This period is called the Red Serpent wavespell... a time to shed the old skin and start anew!  Also to listen to your Self and learn to live your life from its promptings.  Things will be shaken up on many levels, and whatever is meant to go from your life will become obvious!


On a personal level, I have needed a LOT more sleep since the Hawaii volcano began erupting last Thursday 17th May.  It feels to me like Mother Earth is experiencing many changes at a core level.  


In the past week, I have also noticed how the animals near me (e.g. rabbits, cows, horses etc) are all much more friendly and peaceful and don't run away like usual.  I had a rabbit sitting munching grass just a few metres away on the weekend and it knew I was there.  There are also more butterflies and bees around too which is also a good omen.


We are all at different stages of awareness of this process, and most of the population is blissfully unaware of what is truly going on, and happy to believe the "non-news" of the mass media.  When you begin to think for yourself and recognise that you are the master of your destiny and can begin to connect the dots about the different world calamaties occurring, then you will begin to take action, move to much higher ground and become as self-sufficient as possible.


To navigate these times it is important to make time to nurture your body and soul, as in the end, it is our responsibility to look after ourselves.  

Here is a video explaining the current energies: 


Will do another newsletter when I can... take care and wishing you a happy and transformational few weeks.

with many blessings

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