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New Moon in Taurus - May 15th 2018

May 7, 2018

Hello everyone,

It’s no great surprise to tell you that a lot is happening on the planet on every level at the moment.  I just want to write and give you the heads up on what's happening in the next few weeks.


Due to a series of awkward astrological configurations coming up there, there are likely to be some big changeshappening, particularly in the financial sphere and also in earth-related things – e.g. weather extremes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and all lovely things like that! :)


On May 15th at 9:47pm in Sydney, Australia time there is a new moon occurring in the sign of Taurus.  Tarus rules many things including material possessions, money, real estate, earth, and sensual enjoyments.  It is a fixed sign and does not like change!  Approximately four hours after the new moon, Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, the unexpected, shock, rebellion, eccentricity, electricity, progressive change and science moves into Taurus after having been in Aries for the past seven years (NB when it arrived in Aries in 2011 was the time when Fukushima happened!). 



So the point to make here is that as Uranus (a very slow moving but deep impacting planet) goes out of Aries and into Taurus, it will create a whole different energy to the earth (Taurus) and since Taurus likes things to be predictable and comfortable and is very averse to sudden change, then the sign of the bull will not like having to accommodate unexpected shocks in its quiet pasture!  Uranus causes Taurus to be in astrological fall.  When a bull is angry or upset it gets very angry and can charge at its opponent.  So, translating this back to May 15th/16th it is quite possible that there will be some major earth-related catastrophe related to water (Jupiter in Neptune), earth (Taurus) and Aries (fire).


To add fuel to the fire, Mars, the planet of action, war, moving forward and progress) is moving retrograde on May 10th till August 6th and is conflict (square position) to Uranus in Taurus.  This means that things begin to slow down and even go backwards and people can get angry, violent and passionate!


I am explaining this astrological scenario to you in detail so that you can appreciate the scope of the possible changes coming down the line.  It may be too that you are feeling very tired at present (Taurus = physical body) and finding it hard to get things down (Mars slowing down).  A lot of people I know are feeling very low in energy and sleepy plus frustrated at how things are not happening the way they want.  This is preparing us all for the changes that will make things even less than how we want!  During the seven years that Uranus is in Taurus we will see big changes in not only our monetary system (? Financial collapse soon – get ready!) but also in our relationship to our material possessions generally.  By the year 2025 we will all be in a different space materially.

I am writing these words to give you the heads up on what could happen so that you have time to prepare for different eventualities and also to tell others to get ready – e.g. batteries, matches, torches, water, food for a few months, medical supplies, bugout bag etc., dog food, baby needs, toiletries etc).


Also in the picture is  Neptune is in Jupiter which means that the element of water will be very much in play.  What form this actually takes (e.g. flood, cyclone, tsunami or ice) we cannot tell.  As an Earth empathy I can tell you that I am sensing that something big is happening deep inside Mother Earth.  Things are definitely not normal and something is brewing.  This is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to do a newsletter till now as I am just so very tired most of the time.


Here is a link to learn more about the new moon in Taurus:


If you have an IPhone, IPad or Mac computer then download the “Quakefeed” app and scroll through the last week’s reports and you will see for yourself how many earthquakes have been taking place in Hawaii alone, let alone all the other locations that are having 4-5 scale earthquakes.



  • keep your heart in a loving space and be gentle with yourself

  • Forgive others and yourself and let the past go – forever!

  • keep your emotions in check (it’s possible you could be triggered by external events or other people having emotional vents)

  • stick to your own value system and allow other people theirs

  • Don’t take things personally

  • Set boundaries to keep things manageable

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Rest when your body tells you (even just 10 mins helps)

  • Drink lots of water (hot or cold) + lemon juice too is good

  • Know that “this too shall pass”.Patience is forbearing to endure what must be endured, but we can do our best to have some fun in the process!Like learning to sing in the rain! :)

  • Eat fresh fruit & vegetables

  • Gentle exercise

  • Spend time sitting quietly in Nature or meditate or pray to connect with peace and purity


Here are the dates that are likely to be the most unpredictable.  Keep them handy.

  • Beginning May 10th

  • May 12-19th

  • June 26th – Mars stations retrograde

  • Partial solar eclipse July 13th

  • Total solar eclipse July 27th

  • July 28-August 6th

  • September 17-23rd


May 13th 2018 to September 25th is time of disruption overall – so we must remember to support the physical body during this entire time.


Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about the free early warning system of on your mobile phone.This will alert you of a tsunami if you live near the coast and don’t forget to have the phone near you at night (not usually recommended!)If you can stay away from the coast between 12-20th May (or especially 13th-17th) then please do so.These are the dates to sleep with phone nearby.


"You cannot predict chaos, you just have to stay centred in the eye of the storm until it passes."


Feel free to forward this link with others.I am wanting to get the word out to as many people as possible before May 10th.If you want to subscribe to this occasional newsletter please subscribe at the very bottom of the page here:


If anyone would like any homeopathic remedies to stock up on for these times please let me know – e.g. Calc Carb for grounding, Aconite for shock, Stramonium for fear, Shock Ease remedy... please visit my website:


I know this is not the cheeriest of messages to send out, but I’d rather be “real” in order to help as many people come through this time as possible.My feeling is that by October this year most of the big earth changes will have taken place and we’ll be able to pick up the pieces of what’s left and together build the New Earth that is awaiting us…. THAT is what I am holding on to – the time when Mother Earth will once again be the paradise that She truly is.  How sweet that will be when Paradise is found once more.


with love









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