Introduction to Unified Field Theory
This is a DVD course that is almost 2 hours in length.
This course explains the basic principles of Unified Field Theory. The fundamental elements are given in simple, easy-to-understand language. Topics - unitary symmetry groups, unified standard model, the 12 fields, the 4 quantum numbers, the 4 universal numbers, kinetics, and your relationship to the unified field.  The implications of Unified Field Theory for humanity are discussed, along a brief introduction into the philosophy of Unified Field Theory - C-ism. 
The DVD will be posted to you in the mail.

This course provides the foundational information for Unified Field Theory

  • Outcomes
  • What is Unified Field Theory?
  • What is Pure Consciousness?
  • Unitary Symmetry Groups
  • Information in light
  • The Unified Standard Model
  • The twelve fields
  • The eleven dimensions
  • The four quantum numbers
  • The four universal numbers
  • The four dark phenomena
  • The kinetics of the unitary symmetry groups
  • The physics of Absolute Zero
  • UFT and the human being
  • Philosophy of Unified Field Theory
  • Implications for society of Unified Field Theory

Duration = 1hr 55mins  Cost = $100

DVD - Introduction to Unified Field Theory




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