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Here are some interesting points about the book.

The Caduceus is a depiction of how Consciousness operates in the cosmos. The three threads of consciousness that weave the fabric of the material universe are information, energy and matter. This fact has implications for understanding how your body operates and your relationship to the cosmos.

Consciousness is the principle that underpins the quantum state. Through the study of Pure Consciousness, it can be seen how the universe is constructed and thus pave the way to understanding the human body, since we live in a holographic universe.   It is my sincere hope that the concepts of this book will be accepted by scientists and the medical profession alike, so that each of these schools of thought can progress into higher dimensional states and thus be more effective and harmonious.  Energy precedes matter and also governs it, just as the energy of the sun powers our planet Earth.

Through the process of writing this book, I have come to understand and value that The Caduceus is:

  • A map of the energy grid of the human body, Earth and the cosmos.

  • A symbol showing the blueprint for unlimited energy production

  • A symbol of mathematical and scientific principles

  • A map of the evolution of Consciousness

  • A healing symbol for ourselves and the planet.


Of particular interest is the correspondence of The Caduceus image with quantum physics. In a nutshell, The Caduceus can be conceived as the symbolic representation of quantum theory.

One of the many discoveries that Einstein made was that light is both a wave and a particle. I have now gone further and discovered that there is a third aspect to light and that is information.  The three channels of The Caduceus are representative of the three aspects of electromagnetism - the direction of propagation, electricity and magnetism.

Thus it can be proven not only that the cosmic material principles (gunas) inherent in The Caduceus are equivalent to the fundamental principles of quantum particles (information, energy and mass), but also that the gunas can be understood in relation to the creation, maintenance and destruction within all physical processes.

Einstein’s theory of E = mc2 involved the three principles of the Universe/Consciousness: information, energy and matter/mass which are represented in The Caduceus as the three nadis: sushumna, pingala and ida. These three energy channels weave the thread of life throughout the human body and the material universe. These three universal principles or streams of Consciousness of sattwa, rajas and tamas, create their templates throughout the material cosmos.  Pure Consciousness is the basic element of the universe. By understanding the nature of Pure Consciousness we come to understand the true nature of quantum physics, i.e. that Pure Consciousness is the ultimate quanta of the cosmos and underpins and governs the quantum state.

This book is a book for NOW! It is also a book for the future. Its intention is to raise the awareness of humanity to ensure its survival. By understanding AND implementing the concepts in this text, humanity will be able to move through its current dilemmas and into a Golden Age where we live in harmony with each other and our sovereign planet.

It was the discovery that I made in this book that light contains information that ultimately led me to develop Unified Field Theory and write the seven books called Principia Unitas.

May humanity, Earth and all its inhabitants live long and harmoniously!


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1=3: The Caduceus

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